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The Nature Collection The Infant House classes were treated to an extraordinary collection of animal bones, feathers, antlers, skins and photographs based on the wildlife in Richmond Park, Surrey this week. The children tried on antlers and touched animal bones. They also felt the softness of feathers and used magnifyi ... See more details
Carol Service 2015  The Christmas Carols and songs from yesterday's Carol Service are still ringing in our ears. What a delight that was – so uplifting! It was quite something to see all our lovely Junior House children standing proudly, singing their hearts out, some brandishing their instruments and speaking ... See more details
Nativity Plays 2015 Nursery   I am sure you will all agree how well Nursery Red and Nursery Yellow children performed during their Christmas Plays. Using their big voices full of sparkle and joy the children entertained and delighted us with their performances. Despite the odd mishap, the children showed how sen ... See more details