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Year 3 History Workshop  Today, Year 3 took part in a workshop to support their History topic this term, 'The Stone Age to the Iron Age'. Our hands-on activities started in the Mesolithic period, back in 10,000 BC. We knapped flint to make Stone Age tools such as arrow and spear heads using hard stones and antlers. ... See more details
Year 6 Bushcraft trip 2015   Year 6 set off bright and early on Thursday morning to begin their journey in to the wilderness. The camp leader, a jolly man named Chris and one of the tribe leaders, Luke, were ready and waiting. The children were lead through the woods to their campsite, a rather isolated space a 40 min ... See more details
Summer Plays 2015 Nursery   Nursery Red and Nursery Yellow had a wonderful time performing their end of year performance 'The Garden'. They used their big voices along with gestures. Each child had the opportunity to show their own special personality. They all came together as one class; a truly inspiring exp ... See more details