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Year 3 Visit to the Museum of London Today, Year 3 went on their first outing of the year to the Museum of London. Our history topic this term is Prehistoric Britain; exploring the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age. On our visit we saw many interesting artefacts including the tusk of a woolly mammoth and an iron spearhead, estima ... See more details
3:30AM………. TARDIS DESCENDS ON KEW COLLEGE Wakening all the neighbours in the middle of the night with the horrendous whining of engines, a tardis dropped into the playground of Kew College. Miss Sarah made the phonecall to the Head and to the police and both arrived to her rescue. By opening time this morning, the machine remained silent! A ... See more details
Year 4 Trip to the Verulamium Museum When we arrived, everyone was bubbling with excitement! We entered the the Verulamium Museum and met a very nice lady called Amy, who told us that we were standing where the centre of the Roman Empire in Britain once stood! First, we went to see the mosaics. My favourite mosaic was a shell-shaped ... See more details