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Summer Plays 2014   Nursery delighted us on Monday and Tuesday with their version of "Honey". The children enjoyed themselves which was evident in their very enthusiastic renditions of the songs. They reminded us that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Even from such an early age we can see th ... See more details
Year 4 Trip to Bowles    After a week of anticipation in the run up to Bowles, we were finally on our way. The children loaded their suitcases into the hold and experienced their first moment of excitement as the coach pulled out of Kew. On arrival at Bowles, there was no time to waste; the Staff were waiting ... See more details
Year 2 Mexicolore Workshop On Wednesday, Year 2 had some special visitors. When we entered the hall it had been decorated with a bright display of Mexican artefacts. We were greeted by Graciela, Ian and Joanna, who began by introducing us to some of the language used in Mexico and Mexican greetings. We all enjoyed trying out ... See more details