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Year 4 Residential to Bowles   As the coach entered Bowles we were trying to see what there was to do there. We all had to carry our suitcases up the hill first. A few minutes later we were all in our rooms doing the first, most boring, challenge of making our beds. Sam, Guy and I were all fine but some people struggled t ... See more details
Easter Bonnet Parade 2015   On Tuesday we celebrated our final day of the Spring Term with our annual Easter Bonnet Parade. The children arrived at school in the morning sporting colourful and imaginative creations, clearly the products of many hours of hard work. There were fluffy chicks, beautiful spring flowers and ... See more details
Spring Concert 2015   The first song was ‘Together’ and we were all excited about it, as this was the first time Year 3 got to perform to all the parents, who seemed very eager to watch us. We sang the final note and huge applause arose from the audience. Year 3 sang their song with amazing gusto. Year 4 fo ... See more details