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Year 5 Visit to the Tower of London As I walked down the cobbled road, I could see a blanket of beautiful red poppies, which looked like they were swaying in the wind and then I saw the Tower of London. The building had been there for centuries. As I walked in, there, in front of my eyes, I saw a real Beefeater who looks after the Tow ... See more details
StreetInvest “Join our Journey” Cycle Event In the usual Kew College enthusiastic style, children from the Junior House cycled laps to raise money for a very worthy cause. StreetInvest aims to provide street workers to reach and support all street children and bring positive change to their lives.   Bicycles arrived by the dozen; child ... See more details
Year 3 Visit to the Museum of London Today, Year 3 went on their first outing of the year to the Museum of London. Our history topic this term is Prehistoric Britain; exploring the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age. On our visit we saw many interesting artefacts including the tusk of a woolly mammoth and an iron spearhead, estima ... See more details