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Tourism in the Future – what will it all be about? 'Hovercars, robot butlers and "rainbow pools" - all integral to Dubai's future, according to these 10-year-old British schoolchildren who were asked to imagine the high-tech city a decade from now.' The Telegraph online 'The thrilling and ever-changing city of Dubai prides itself on shaping the f ... See more details
Year 6 Remembrance Day Service Today, November 10th, we held our Remembrance Service to which Year 6 parents were invited. The Year 6 children conducted the entire service, reciting their own poetry inspired by the famous poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John Mc Crae. They studied the poem, focusing on the human tragedy and most impo ... See more details
Bushcraft 2017 Year 6 were very fortunate to start their year with an amazing residential trip to Bushcraft! For two nights, the children experienced camping in the Oxfordshire Woodlands. During our stay Year 6 were split into three tribes; the first activity was to create a flag, a detailed tribe history and a tr ... See more details