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Sports Day 2018   Congratulations to Eagle for winning Sports Day!   Winning sports day was such a big achievement for my house and for me. The moment I lifted that trophy my heart was pounding so fast it felt as if it would burst. My hands were shaking as the trophy rose above my head and I saw all ... See more details
Yr 6 Trip to France 2018 Our Year 6 children enjoyed a sunny, fun filled week in Normandy. After a long and tiring coach journey they arrived on time to devour for a hearty turkey dinner before unpacking. They woke to beautiful sunshine each morning and feasted on croissants and hot chocolate, ready for the morning activiti ... See more details
Book Day 2018 What an exciting day! The Year 3 area was transformed into Hogwarts and the children were sorted into the four houses for the day. Mr 'Mad Eye Moody' Miller led Slytherin and Hufflepuff, and Miss 'Luna Lovegood' O'Hare led Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. The children were treated to a performance and wor ... See more details