Kew College is a non-selective, family-orientated school, committed to giving all children the opportunity to achieve their potential.


selectedThe Early Years Foundation Stage Provision is our starting point for planning ways to meet the specific needs of individuals and groups of children.


We do this through:


• Responding to children's diverse needs.
• Overcoming potential barriers to access.
• Ensuring the development of individuals and groups of children within the setting.
• Providing other support to meet the needs of individuals or groups of children including the provision of materials in other formats as required.

(Provision of other support may include advice from a range of professionals)


Our staff are aware that children have a wide range of experiences and capabilities that influence their learning journey.


We continually review our aim to meet the needs of individual children by asking ourselves these key questions:


• Do all our children achieve to their potential?
• Are there differences in the achievements of different groups of children and if so, what are the reasons for these differences?
• What are we doing for the children whom we know are not achieving their best?
• Are our actions effective?


The individual needs of children are met by teaching in small groups, one to one teaching and differentiating work so that is appropriate to their abilities.


Some children require learning support which is delivered by our Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator either in the classroom or in our Learning Enrichment Room. Children take part in multi-sensory learning activities and games, either in groups or individually to consolidate learning. Class teachers, parents and our Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator work closely together to support each child. Our primary focus is to build confidence and enable each child to work to their full potential.


We celebrate and nurture children who show exceptional abilities or a passion for specific subjects.


We set open ended activities for those who enjoy enrichment to stimulate and challenge these children.


For further information please see the following policies which are available on the Parent Portal;

Special Educational Needs Policy including the Policy relating to Children with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities