Our trip to Bowles was a great experience and everyone had such a fantastic time. The staff were kind and funny, and we did many fun activities such as archery, rock climbing, zip-lining and more. The raft building was amazing. We split into 2 teams and had to build a raft using the materials provided. Using rope and knots, we had to tie it all together to make sure it didn’t break apart. Dry slope skiing was many people's favourite activity as it was super fun. Teamwork was involved in activities such as raft building, high ropes and “The wall” where we had to lift a person up on our hands and boost them over a 1m high wood wall.


The lodge we stayed in was fantastic and comfortable, even though we had to make our beds as soon as we arrived. With a little help from our friends and teachers, we managed to get our beds ready for the night. The centre gave us lots of yummy food and tasty desserts and ensured we were well fed.


We had many fun experiences at Bowles that we will remember forever. Everyone in Year 4 had a fantastic time and we are all looking forward to the next residential trip!


By Naina and Zachary, Yr 4


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