On Wednesday 18th May, four Year 5 pupils joined children from seventeen other local prep schools at Hampton School to take part in the annual Maths Wizard Quiz. There were five difficult rounds, all of which involved problem-solving. The children worked as a team and really had to check answers carefully as points were deducted for incorrect answers. Towards the end, one of the Hamp-ton maths teachers asked the following questions for everyone in the room to try:


  • What is the first multiple of 9 which has only even-numbered digits?
  • Today’s date is 18.05.2022. This date has two zeros and three twos. What is the first date from now which has all different digits when it is written in the same format?


If you want to know the answers, ask one of our competitors.


It was a challenging but fun afternoon and we were delighted when it was announced that Kew College had won! Many congratulations to the superstar mathematicians – Arjun, Samvid, Ami and Vasily. They are pictured at Hampton School with their magnificent trophy!


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